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Lolo Peak FireWildfireLolo National ForestMontana, USAActive11,3392 hrs. ago
Umpqua North ComplexWildfireUmpqua National ForestOregon, USAActive1,7105 hrs. ago
Eclipse ComplexWildfireKlamath National ForestCalifornia, USAActive11,0295 hrs. ago
Rebel FireWildfireWillamette National ForestOregon, USAActive9985 hrs. ago
Whitewater FireWildfireWillamette National ForestOregon, USAActive6,7165 hrs. ago
French FireWildfireWillamette National ForestOregon, USAActive15 hrs. ago
Bridge Creek FireWildfireColville AgencyWashington, USAActive1,3435 hrs. ago
OakWildfireKlamath National ForestCalifornia, USAActive2005 hrs. ago
Cedar FireWildfireKlamath National ForestCalifornia, USAActive3605 hrs. ago
Clear FireWildfireKlamath National ForestCalifornia, USAActive6,7015 hrs. ago
Jones FireWildfireWillamette National ForestOregon, USAActive2,5815 hrs. ago
Orleans Complex WildfireSix Rivers National ForestCalifornia, USAActive5,8315 hrs. ago
High Cascades ComplexWildfireRogue River-Siskiyou National ForestOregon, USAActive10,4476 hrs. ago
Ruth ComplexWildfireSix Rivers National ForestCalifornia, USAActive4,6026 hrs. ago
Falcon ComplexWildfireUmpqua National ForestOregon, USAActive1,0676 hrs. ago
StaleyWildfireWillamette National ForestOregon, USAActive2576 hrs. ago
Sunrise FireWildfireLolo National ForestMontana, USAActive22,3096 hrs. ago
Blue Bay FireWildfireFlathead AgencyMontana, USAActive906 hrs. ago
Diamond Creek FireWildfireOkanogan/Wenatchee National ForestWashington, USAActive28,1436 hrs. ago
Chetco Bar FireWildfireRogue River-Siskiyou National ForestOregon, USAActive6,0167 hrs. ago
Gibralter Ridge FireWildfireKootenai National ForestMontana, USAActive2,0217 hrs. ago
Tamarack FireWildfireMontana Department of Natural Resources & ConservationMontana, USAActive3407 hrs. ago
Meyers FireWildfireBeaverhead/Deerlodge National ForestMontana, USAActive13,7977 hrs. ago
Norse Peak FireWildfireOkanogan/Wenatchee National ForestWashington, USAActive9007 hrs. ago
Burdette FireWildfireLolo National ForestMontana, USAActive6497 hrs. ago
Sapphire ComplexWildfireLolo National ForestMontana, USAActive30,4017 hrs. ago
Highline FireWildfirePayette National ForestIdaho, USAActive10,2007 hrs. ago
Sprague FireWildfireGlacier National ParkMontana, USAActive2008 hrs. ago
Liberty FireWildfireFlathead AgencyMontana, USAActive5,4128 hrs. ago
Rice Ridge FireWildfireLolo National ForestMontana, USAActive12,0918 hrs. ago
Jolly Mountain FireWildfireOkanogan/Wenatchee National ForestWashington, USAActive4028 hrs. ago
Buck FireWildfireIdaho Panhandle National ForestIdaho, USAActive1328 hrs. ago
Indian FireWildfireInyo National ForestCalifornia, USAActive2,6249 hrs. ago
North Fork Hughes FireWildfireIdaho Panhandle National ForestIdaho, USAActive1,2809 hrs. ago
Hanover FireWildfireNez Perce - Clearwater National ForestsIdaho, USAActive9,92410 hrs. ago
South Fork FireWildfireYosemite National ParkCalifornia, USAActive2,29610 hrs. ago
Pole Creek FireWildfireBridger-Teton National ForestWyoming, USAActive3,03011 hrs. ago
2017 SHF Initial Attack FiresWildfireShasta-Trinity National ForestCalifornia, USAActive3511 hrs. ago
Salmon August ComplexWildfireKlamath National ForestCalifornia, USAActive1,98611 hrs. ago
Ibex FireWildfireSalmon-Challis National ForestIdaho, USAActive5,70011 hrs. ago
Tappan FireWildfireSalmon-Challis National ForestIdaho, USAActive1,65011 hrs. ago
Minerva 5 FireWildfirePlumas National ForestCalifornia, USAActive4,31012 hrs. ago
Park Creek FireWildfireHelena - Lewis and Clark National ForestMontana, USAActive5,18912 hrs. ago
Bear Butte FireWildfireWallowa-Whitman National ForestOregon, USAActive49912 hrs. ago
Moose Creek 1 FireWildfireNez Perce - Clearwater National ForestsIdaho, USAActive8,72913 hrs. ago
Hidden FireWildfireNez Perce - Clearwater National ForestsIdaho, USAActive4,62413 hrs. ago
Noisy Creek FireWildfireColville National ForestWashington, USAActive4,00013 hrs. ago
Rattlesnake Point FireWildfireNez Perce - Clearwater National ForestsIdaho, USAActive4,39413 hrs. ago
Mink Peak FireWildfireNez Perce - Clearwater National ForestsIdaho, USAActive77213 hrs. ago
Miller ComplexWildfireRogue River-Siskiyou National ForestOregon, USAActive88613 hrs. ago
Lone Pine FireWildfireNez Perce - Clearwater National ForestsIdaho, USAActive5,76213 hrs. ago
Chute Creek FireWildfireNez Perce - Clearwater National ForestsIdaho, USAActive66214 hrs. ago
Indian Creek FireWildfireMt. Hood National ForestOregon, USAActive8314 hrs. ago
842 FireWildfireSan Juan National ForestColorado, USAActive1,02516 hrs. ago
Frye FireWildfireCoronado National ForestArizona, USAActive48,44317 hrs. ago
Payette Wilderness FiresWildfirePayette National ForestIdaho, USAActive10,20018 hrs. ago
Butte FireWildfireSierra National ForestCalifornia, USAActive63518 hrs. ago
Nena Springs FireWildfireWarm Springs AgencyOregon, USAActive39,52619 hrs. ago
Sliderock FireWildfireLolo National ForestMontana, USAActive8681 day ago
Arrastra Creek FireWildfireHelena - Lewis and Clark National ForestMontana, USAActive4,0762 days ago
Alice Creek FireWildfireHelena - Lewis and Clark National ForestMontana, USAActive582 days ago
Flounce FireWildfireSouthwest Oregon District - Oregon Department of ForestryOregon, USAActive5972 days ago
Empire FireWildfireYosemite National ParkCalifornia, USAActive1,3202 days ago
Parker 2 FireWildfireModoc National ForestCalifornia, USAActive7,9033 days ago
Monahan FireWildfireLolo National ForestMontana, USAActive1,8953 days ago
Pilot Valley FireWildfireElko District OfficeNevada, USAActive2,6093 days ago
Modoc July ComplexWildfireModoc National ForestCalifornia, USAActive83,1203 days ago
Keystone FireWildfireMedicine Bow National ForestWyoming, USAActive2,5273 days ago
Goat Creek FireWildfireLolo National ForestMontana, USAActive8,0663 days ago
Sadler FireWildfireElko District OfficeNevada, USAActive6733 days ago
Powerline FireWildfireIdaho Falls DistrictIdaho, USAActive55,5294 days ago
Little Hogback FireWildfireLolo National ForestMontana, USAActive21,1004 days ago
Government FireWildfireKaibab National ForestArizona, USAActive66 days ago
Winter FireWildfireElko District OfficeNevada, USAActive6856 days ago
June FireWildfireShoshone National ForestWyoming, USAActive1,6186 days ago
Pine HollowWildfireKaibab National ForestArizona, USAActive4,6386 days ago
Garden FireWildfireSequoia National ForestCalifornia, USAActive1,3506 days ago
Schaeffer FireWildfireSequoia National ForestCalifornia, USAActive16,0316 days ago
Delano FireWildfireElko District OfficeNevada, USAActive15,0807 days ago
Pinal FireWildfireTonto National ForestArizona, USAActive7,1937 days ago
Island FireWildfireKlamath National ForestCalifornia, USAActive1,4707 days ago
Dune FireWildfireWinnemucca District OfficeNevada, USAActive9,8607 days ago
Mahogany FireWildfireWinnemucca District OfficeNevada, USAActive5,1217 days ago
East Rim FireWildfireSan Juan National ForestColorado, USAActive07 days ago
Warner Mountain LightningWildfireModoc National ForestCalifornia, USAActive2108/9/2017
Cinder Butte FireWildfireBurns DistrictOregon, USAActive52,4658/8/2017
Missouri FireWildfirePayette National ForestIdaho, USAActive1,2778/8/2017
Burnout Road FireWildfireNorthwest Region-Department of Natural ResourcesWashington, USAActive488/8/2017
Devils Lake FireWildfireFremont-Winema National ForestOregon, USAActive1,7068/8/2017
Sandy FireWildfireShasta-Trinity National ForestCalifornia, USAActive328/7/2017


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