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Besides the weather links listed on the sides of this page, other popular topics include, World Temperature Extremes, Model Map Analysis for short & long term forecasts, Buoys forecasts & conditions, U.S. Fire Central, world wide Earthquakes, U.S. & Europe Lightning Radar & Aviation. There is a great number of other links with more world weather information found within the main menu above.

The High Variability of Global Albedo

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 Daily Wx Image SpacerSource: NOAA
Demonstrating the High Variability of Global Albedo: This animation shows the variations of Earth's sunlight reflection which is called albedo. In the video we will demonstrate this monthly, based on NASA satellite measurements over a 12 year time frame. A recent publication in the journal Nature Climate Change by NOAA and NASA researchers concludes, the natural variability of Earth's albedo poses limits to the possibility of detecting increases in the planet's reflection of sunlight. This may result from proposed climate engineering activities. The CERES instrument measures the Earth's radiation budget. This is the amount of light and heat energy that enters and leaves planet Earth. Though it was originally flown on NASA's EOS satellites, CERES is now part of the NOAA-NASA Suomi NPP satellite mission which will also be included on the NOAA JPSS-1 satellite that is scheduled for a 2017 lift-off.

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